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Mastering the Art of Ghazal Writing

Learn the art of Ghazal writing, in this 8-week live online faculty-led course and bring your dream of becoming a poet to reality!

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About The Course

This is an 8-week live online course for Urdu poetry enthusiasts who wish to venture into the world of writing Urdu poetry, especially Ghazal. It is led by some of the most esteemed Urdu poets and scholars of our time. In this course, you'll understand the fundamentals of Ghazal along with its structure and anatomy. You’ll also dive deep into the intricacies of poetic craft like behr, meter, wazn, syllables and rhythmic patterns of words, qafiya, and radeef, etc. Whether you're a budding poet seeking to refine your skills or a seasoned wordsmith looking for fresh inspiration, our course offers a dynamic blend of instruction, exploration, and creative exchange. Through interactive sessions, insightful discussions, hands-on exercises, and assessments, you'll uncover new perspectives, sharpen your technique, and cultivate your unique poetic voice.

Course Highlights

30+ Hours Learning

Weekly live classes and additional resources for excellent learning outcomes.

Classes on Weekends

No extra burden on loaded weekdays. Join the live sessions on Sundays.

Noted Faculty

Learn from the most esteemed Urdu poets and scholars of our time.

Resources & Practice Books

Pre-class study material and practice handbooks for comprehensive learning.

Doubt-Clearing Sessions

Doubts will not hold you back. Dedicated sessions for doubt-clearing.

Community Access

Become a part of a flourishing community of Urdu poets & poetry enthusiasts.


Module 1

Urdu Poetry: Forms, Anatomy, and Tradition

  • The Origin and Development of Urdu Poetry
  • Urdu Poetic Forms: Anatomy and Tradition
  • A Brief History of Ghazal
  • Structural Intricacies of Ghazal: Qaafiya, Radeef, Matla, & Maqta, etc.
Module 2

Ilm-e-Arooz: Understanding the Rhythmic Patterns

  • What is Ilm-e-Arooz (Prosody) and How it Developed?
  • The Importance of Arooz in Urdu Poetry
  • Understanding Syllables and Rhythmic Patterns of Words
  • Introduction to Wazn, Meter and Behr
  • Different Types of Behrs (meters)
  • Commonly Used Behrs in Ghazal
  • The Method of Taqti (Scansion)
Module 3

The Poetics of Ghazal

  • The Various Poetic Devices Used in Ghazal Poetry
  • Effective Use of Metaphors, Similes, and Symbols
Module 4

Ghazal-goi: Unveiling the Writing Process

  • Understanding the Writing Process
  • Finding Inspiration for Writing
  • Composition of Misra and Sher
  • Developing a Personal Voice
  • Common Errors and Fixes
  • Techniques of Refining the Language and Editing
Module 5

The Art of Ghazal Recitation

  • Importance of Talaffuz in Ghazal Recitation
  • Practicing Recitation of Selected Ghazals with Proper Intonation and Expression

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes


    Meet YourInstructors


    Dr. Azam

    Dr. Azam is a highly acclaimed poet and writer. His books “Aasaan Arooz” and “Ghazal Ki Lai” have proved to be instrumental in teaching the art of poetry writing. Dr. Azam has a glorious teaching experience in the art and craft of poetry, spanning over 20 years.


    Farhat Ehsas

    Farhat Ehsas is one of the most esteemed Urdu poet of our time, renowned for his unique poetic style and modern themes. He has served as an editor for Qaumi Aawaz and also contributed to All India Radio and BBC Urdu. Currently, he’s the Editor in Chief at


    Mahender Kumar Sani

    Mahender Kumar Sani is a prominent contemporary poet of Urdu. His first poetry collection has been published by Rekhta Publications under the title ‘Maujood Ki Nisbat Se’. He has an experience of teaching Ghazal writing for over 5 years.

    Who is This Course For ?


    Aspiring poets aiming to start their Urdu poetry writing journey


    Lyricists who want to learn the rhyming patterns and nuances of Urdu poetry


    Experienced poets looking to sharpen their writing skills & refine their poetic voice

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    Want to know more about the course?

    If you have any further queries, submit your details and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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